Automated Data Capture

Our product solutions include specialized solutions that use Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and Intelligent Capture recognition technologies (ICR) to capture extract data from scanned forms and upload to existing databases.

Workflow We offer development of online workflows as the next steps in the automation of business processes, by providing an online platform where users can process work, collaborate, assign work, track tasks, set deadlines and escalations, forward for action, approve or reject, all at the comfort your work station. The online workflow allows users to user scanned images in the normal work process without the need of moving the physical file greatly improving work efficiency.

Integration Services and Online Content Management

We specialize in data capture and workflow process; in our experience we have come to see the great need to integrate existing systems in an organization to enhance business process efficiencies. It is with this that we have a dedicated team who specialize in the integration of business systems allowing the application to share data and functionalities